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Studio A La Mod is run by a husband and wife team in Las Vegas, NV. Mykl Stanley is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been working as a professional musician for over 10 years. Suzanna Anna is from Queens, New York. Now I'm not sure if you want the basics here or the whole love story but I sure don't get tired of telling it so feel free to skip to the bottom if I bore you.

So it was 1998, New York was filled with music, bell bottoms, bongs and go-go boots, it was peace and love for all, oh wait that was 1968, there wasn't a whole lot happening in 1998 which would probably explain why Suzee spent most of her time online. The internet was still fairly new to the common folk and at the time she was working as a web designer and graphic artist from home (yes that means in her PJs). The buzz was all about online dating but people were so skeptical and thought you were nuts if you said you had a date with a guy you met online. Still the IMs and emails kept Suzee company while she worked 24/7 so she became quite the computer geek internet social butterfly.

Meanwhile in the midwest there was a guy with a rinky dink hand-me-down computer that he barely knew how to use running a 14.4k that decided to post a photo up on the AOL singles database called Love @ AOL. He basically stuck an add up there and forgot about it so he was quite surprised when that magical email arrived that read, yes I am going to put the whole email here for you all to read, it read.."Interesting" and had her photo attached. So the rest boys and girls is history. Here is the speeded up version.

Mykl started to propose before they met in person but a month from their first email Suzee visited him in Milwaukee where he proposed some more and upon her return back to NY after that first visit she said "YES" because it hurt so bad to being apart. So crazy as it seems 3 months from that first email and after only meeting in person twice Suzee was off to cheese country to be with the man she loved.

So dudes that was like 8 years ago and they are still totally in love and still going on crazy adventures. Last Year year on a total whim they decided to move to Las Vegas. Now they both left everything they had known behind. Mykl is starting from scratch in a new town with a totally different music scene.Suzanna Anna continues to work on her original art but the 2 thought they could squeeze in a joint project so presto out comes Suzanna is the designer and Mykl does just about everything else with her (husbands are very cheap labor if you can find one)

With all they have on their plates there are only so many gravel arts these two could produce so rather then opening up their very own sweat shop they came up with the idea for gravel art kits. Now groovy art lovers every where can make their very own gravel art and help spread the love for this lost art form.These kits are not mass produced. Everything put together by hand.

So thanks for stopping by and being curious enough to read this far. Come back soon or sign up for the mailing list. There should be new designs added often and maybe some more joint projects by this dynamic duo.





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